MiaTech is planning to extend Embedded Software developers team.

We are looking for engineers interested in embedded software development.

Range of systems we work with varies:
  • from compact systems based on 16MHz Cortex M0 or AVR 8bit without OS;
  • and middle level systems based on 50-450MHz ARM7, Cortex M3-R4, ARM9 using RTOS such as FreeRTOS, ThreadX, Nucleus, VxWorks;
  • to powerful devices based on multicore 1-2GHz Cortex A9, A15 such as iMX6 and Exynos 5420 with customized Linux or Android.
We have completed projects in various areas:
  • Multimedia: smart home systems using UPnP/DLNA, content protection systems using MSDRM, GUI for various multimedia systems, encoders/decoders, network control protocols for multimedia systems, streaming playback systems;
  • Industrial: GUI framework for industrial systems, Multi Media Interface (MMI) for controlling automated oil valves, sensor input systems, industrial device control protocols, oil drilling software suite maintenance;
  • Automotive: AUTOSAR drivers, handwriting navigation input systems, automotive CAN protocols, automotive diagnostics stack, software update protocols, CAN sensor input systems, UI widgets for infotainment system.

90% of our projects are completed for European customers.

Embedded developer required skills:
  • Strong programming experience in C/C++ (knowledge of build process, binary structure, stack usage, shared data);
  • Experience in multithreaded and multitask programming;
  • Good OO skills;
  • Understanding of microprocessor systems (interrupts, DMA, flash, I2C, SPI, UART);
  • English reading and writing skills.

Contact: hr@miatech.ru