MIATech was founded in the year 2014 as a re-branding of a startup started in 2010 with the goal of providing world class solutions and software services for connected PC peripherals and embedded systems. The experience of our engineers started in 2000. Our solutions include various development for embedded systems, as well as application and driver development for Microsoft Windows, Apple OS X and Linux.

Our core development team consists of highly experienced engineers both in PC and embedded software. Staying at the forefront of rapidly evolving connectivity and networking technologies, it is our goal to share our know-how to the benefit of our customers. The management team combined has more than 50 years of experience in design, marketing and mass production of complex electronic devices.
We are continuously improving our processes, skills to stay on the fore-front of technology to best serve our customers. Through partnering with key drivers in the market, we strive to optimize the value for our customers. In the short history of the company, we have successfully engineered a multitude of solutions and devices for our customers.
MIATech can build on an international network of partners to provide its high quality service.

Software and Hardware Development

We are your partner for sophisticated development tasks in the PC world. Our focus is the extension of the PC Platform by means of connectivity using special interfaces. MIATech supports you for system design, designs and develops hardware, implements software including drivers and applications for MicrosoftXP, Vista, Windows 7 and Apple OS-X, as well as embedded protocol software.

We develop software and hardware solutions with the modern interfaces like USB 2.0, Firewire, Ethernet, CAN, Flexray and MOST. We specially emphasize to provide you first class services and comply at the same time to the common industrial standards as AutoSAR, DO 178 B or GAMP, depending on the application area. We develop components, modules and complete devices for measuring and control applications in industry as well as devices for medical technology.
We realize aour product from the idea to industrial production.
We appreciate to offer you a demonstration of our capabilities. Contact us and ask for examples or a demonstration project.

We actively support you!

Feasibility studies

  • expert opinion
  • white papers
  • rapid prototypes

Requirements generation and analysis

  • requirements documents
  • system design documents
  • product specifications
  • contracting and contractor evaluation/auditing
  • buy or build decisions


  • hardware design
  • software design
  • regulatory and certifications (EMC, CE, safety)


  • prototypes and pilot productions
  • production setup and monitoring
  • production documentation
  • test and calibration setups


  • EOL component exchange
  • support

Our Technologies

Embedded Processors

We have a rich experience in the design of Silicon, contract work with new ASIC's/SoC's or conventionally available silicon. For high-security solutions, we are using for example security IC's from Atmel IC. With great efficiency we can develop embedded hardware drivers fo your on-board SoC hardware blocks and ensure perfect PC Connectivity with customer specific or standard drivers.

Operating Systems

We have developed drivers for Microsoft Windows, Apple OS X and Linux, and licensed those in quantities. Core expertise is available for ThreadX real-time core, eCos and Nucleus RTOS. OSEK Compliance and AutoSAR architecture complement our many years experience experience in this field.

Electronic Design

We provide the complete chain for hardware development, design of schematics, PCB layout, prototyping and industrialization. We also organize production, both for small volumes (pilot series) as well as for mass manufacturing (CEM). The development of mechanical components is also part of our business.


For the connection of various devices with computer systems, we provide reliable solutions with the following technologies: USB 2.0 High Speed, WiFi, Bluetooth, GSM / GPRS, Ethernet, TCP / IP routing, ARP, DHCP, Rendezvous, UPnP


Long Range Wireless, Low Power High Speed Data links for measuring instruments in outdoor and underground use or critical industrial areas.

Digital Home (DLNA)

We have a many years experience in the development of Digital Home Equipment (MP3, WMA, ACC), in particular with USB device and Ethernet interfaces. Our products meet the requirements for DLNA and P4S.