The area of Multimedia is the area where we started our way in engineering. We have significant experience for multimedia developing counting for more than 10 years: IoT, UPnP, DLNA, audio/video codecs, MSDRM, Internet services embedded clients, vTuner, GUI, drivers, inter-device communications, synchronous audio playback, multi-room technologies, non-standard Audio Drivers for Windows and MAC OS X and a lot of other technologies. We also have experience developing Android and iOS applications, fine-tuning and updating Android/Linux to the new devices. Our experience incudes the development for different consumer electronic devices like security/encryption devices, computer lock devices, statistic gathering devices/sensors, etc

A lot of industrial applications for embedded systems were implemented by our team: GUI for different devices, embedded GUI frameworks for different RTOS’s, Linux, Android, no-OS systems, Qt, CAN control protocols, complex state machines simulations... We have developed the complete HW/SW HMI modules with high quality displays of different formfactors for different requirements. We are maintaining a big Geological Research HW/SW complex consisted of several components like Control Point based on a truck, Android Tablet for well drilling control and well drilling process visualization, a set of controller devices including depth meters, data communicator based on drilling fluid pressure modulation, voice communicators and others.

The most of our developers participated in different projects for German automotive Tiers One and Tiers Two companies. We participated in different projects like Instrument cluster GUI and inter-processor communication for RTE, middleware for Infotainment systems, low level complex drivers, AUTOSAR driver development for Handwriting recognition modules, a lot of CAN protocols including ISOTP, VW-Group compliant Diagnostic CLASS 4 and SWDL, infotainment GUI development, fast prototyping of HMI systems for Show Cars, fast prototyping of Automotive ECUs for HMI solutions and other projects. We are proud to see that our solutions are used in the most well-known cars of the World.